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Classoft Scheduling Manager was developed for easing the organization work and monitoring the working teams in activities like: service, manufacture, sales, rent, surgeries, tourism, hotels, pensions, logistics, agriculture, sport and any other type of working unit that can use the application for organizating the work.

Classoft Scheduling Manager Professional is designed on a client-server technology having a Microsoft SQL Server backend. This tehnology ensures a big safety in development and allows the online interconectation of the working members for whom are loaded the working tasks. The team manager can interactively see, in one interface, all tasks of the team he leads. This way he can notice and corect the possible superposition of tasks or lack of activities of each employe.

In the actual version was integrated aa route planner based on Google Map/Street View. This planner will be usefull for costumers wich use the application for scheduling visits to different addresses, or for transport companies. The apllication can determin and display on the integrated GoogleMap/Street View the route between addresses that are goig to be visited and can calculate the fuel consumption performed for crossing the distance between the specified addresses.

The application is available in three versions: Express, Lite and Professional. Lite and Professional versions are adressed to business environment, and Express version is for noncomercial use and is free.


Classoft Scheduling Manager
Express Edition
Lite Edition
Professional Edition
Work scheduler or hotel
Free / License price
390 RON + VAT
1450 RON + VAT
SQL Server
No.of employees
Installation technical support
Configurable interface
Configurable work hours
Fuel consumption estimation
Route planner GoogleMap
User's guide(EN,RO)
Integrated with ClassoftERP
Working in team online
Secure access


SOFTPEDIA Reviews - December 15th, 2014

"Calendar for events, reservations and appointments

Classoft CRM Scheduling Manager Lite Edition is simple to use and allows you to view your appointments’ list as a calendar with appropriate entries. The software allows you to easily split the main window into several areas and offers support for simultaneous appointments with different employees.

The application is easy to use, features a straightforward interface, with accessible functions. Each calendar sheet displays the days of an office week, Monday through Saturday, with hourly markings. Each day is assigned two pages for reservations. You may easily browse through the weekly appointments using the Next and Back arrows. Also, the current date and time are displayed on the ribbon at the top of the window.

Database manager and appointment scheduler

The application is versatile and allows you to set appointments with general data, which makes it suitable for a large variety of activity fields. Thus, each event must be assigned to a particular employee, requires the name of the client, the date/time it starts and its duration. Additionally, you can insert a description, notes, observations or type of work. An event can last for a few hours, but also for a few days.

The employee and customer fields can be filled by selecting the desired name from a database, which is why the software allows you to manage this aspect as well. Each customer profile includes their names, identification code, VAT, address, bank account, phone, email and delegation details.

Reliable scheduler and report generator

Classoft CRM Scheduling Manager Lite Edition can easily generate reports of periodical activity for each employee, or a global statistic sheet. You may preview the report, print it and export it as an Excel or XML sheet. The application is suitable for many businesses, including hotel room booking, doctor’s office, manufacturers, logistics, tourism, even sales."